Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does your software cost ?

The full Wholesale Distribution Package currently sells for $9900.00 for up to 8 users. A 'single user' version is available for $7900.00. The Remote Laptop Order Entry module can be added for $1000.00.

The PM STARS / MULTICAT TOB 'Stand-Alone' Cigarette/Tobacco Reporting Software is a single-user application that currently sells for $2900.00. The full amount of this software can be credited toward any future purchase of the full package.

A Quickbooks interface is available as an add-on to the PM STARS reporting software. The 'Quickbooks Data Bridge' currently sells for $1200.00.

Q. Can I buy my own hardware or do I need to purchase it through Jamison Computer Systems ?

The software will run on most personal computers running Windows XP, Vista or better. Most distributors purchase their own hardware (locally or mail order) with input from Jamison Computer Systems to ensure that they get the correct options at a competitive price. Handheld scanners and Point-of-Sale equipment (cash drawers, receipt printers, display poles), if needed, must be purchased from Jamison Computer Systems as additional programming and/or configuration is required.

Q. Will this software do my MSA cigarette/tobacco reporting ?

Yes. In addition to providing the cigarette manufacturers with the data that they require (MSA MULTICAT TOB), the following formats are also supported by the Wholesale Distribution Package:
• S & M Brands (Baileys)
• A.D.A.M.S. (American Chicle / Hershey)
• PEPSICO/Gatorade
• Frito Lay (Vending)
• M & M Mars (Vending)
• Kellogg (Vending)

Q. Can I give discounts or special pricing to different customers ?

Discounts and special pricing can be given to individual customers by product group. You may have up to 1000 different product groups and in each group a customer can be given special pricing ($ or % discount or cost plus pricing). Special promotions can be run for individual items limited by date or quantity. A 'Buy-Down' feature allows a distributor to identify additional sub-groups of items that can be discounted further for particular customers (i.e. $2.00 off invoice on all GPC cigarettes). Please call for a more in depth discussion of all available options.

Q. My state has a variety of tax requirements. Can I get the reports and/or file formatting that I need from this software ?

Many features and reports are available to calculate taxes on items while maintaining true sales/profit numbers. Cigarette and tobacco taxes tend to be the most complex. Current features allow for tax calculations by city, county and state on different types of products. The software can be modified to meet other requirements as needed such as new electronic file formats required by more and more states. Please call to discuss your particular needs.

Q. Will your software to do my accounts payable and general ledger ?

The Wholesale Distribution Package Quickbooks Interface allows a distributor to use the popular and affordable Quick Books application for accounts payable and general ledger. Quick Books also offers payroll capabilities. The Quick Books 'Integrated Applications' feature allows data to be shared between the two applications. Please call for details.

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